About Webrecs

Our Mission

"To help businesses achieve benefits of the cloud through open, secure, local and fully-supported cloud software solutions"

Similarly to most cloud software providers, Webrecs provides cloud-based software applications for which users pay a regular subscription. However, this is where the similarity ends. Analysis of our mission statement reveals points of difference which we think are essential to success in the cloud :

  • For Businesses. We do not sell consumer products or commodity cloud software to individuals. There is plenty of great commodity cloud software out there (like Microsoft Office, Google drive, Dropbox, Gmail etc.) - but that is not what we do - however we DO like to integrate with them because they are useful and widely-used. We also love to integrate with other cloud providers of accounting, collaboration, email, electronic signature, marketing or social media software.
    • Your system and data is open. Not in a security or access sense, but in the sense of allowing you to take your data and/or your software and migrate / move elsewhere. Yes, that's right - we make it easy for you to ditch us ! We do not lock you into proprietary software or data formats, and we are beholden to no-one because of our Open-source heritage. We make it all available through a RUB if you like - and/or you can customise it yourself with or without our help. Our mission specifically precludes us from locking customers into plans or proprietary software, which makes it difficult or impossible to move for existing customers. Our customers continue to use us, not because it is too hard to move, but because we provide excellent value and support.
      • Your data is truly secure. Contrary to popular belief, your biggest security risk is NOT that someone will hack your data - it is that your data will become unavailable to you due to factors beyond your control. This includes data-corruption, service provider error/bankruptcy, infrastructure failure, politics or simply failing to pay your bill. Most cloud-providers will tell you of multiple redundancies and replications, how it is almost impossible to lose data and how rigorous/secure their backup strategies are. But none of them will guarantee your data. Not one. Why ? Because it is not possible. Data can be (and is, regularly) lost. When data is stored in the lowest-cost data-centres around the world, it is almost impossible to know how many copies of your data are replicated or where. At Webrecs, we also do not guarantee your data BUT we do provide local hosting (we know exactly where your data is) with daily backups of your system so that you can get a restore, and crucially , a "relocatable user backup" or "RUB" which is your insurance policy that can be stored locally (or kept on Amazon S3). You can activate it at any time on-premises. We know of no other provider which offers such comprehensive cloud security.
        • The software applications are fully supported locally. Our belief is that most businesses have always and will continue to require local IT support, whether they have an internal IT presence or not. The fact that software is not on-premise does not remove the requirement for local support which involves training, problem-solving, advice, integration with other cloud or on-premise software, customisation, feature-requests, backup/restore and upgrade. The "IT guy" does not disappear with your move to the cloud, he just changes form. As a business, you deserve local support from someone who knows YOUR business and cares about it.

        Our Past

        Webrecs was a profitable company before the term "cloud" became a buzzword. In 2007, the founders saw an opportunity to use over 20 years of enterprise software development experience (specifically in Document Managment and Enterprise Content Management (ECM)) - to address a huge gap in the SME landscape - that of "the paperless office". We combined the 3 converging technologies of Web, Virtualisation and Open-source to provide a compelling platform for our vision of "ECM for the masses" at a fraction of the traditional cost. The recipe was to take the best ECM open-source products, customise them, host them in virtual containers and provide them as a "Software as a service" or "SAAS" offering to business users. 8 years following our vision of Web-based software-as-a-service has proven to be the biggest disruption in IT for decades, with all vendors scrambling to get a piece of the cloud pie.

        After successfully doing this for a few years, in the process having to end up tailoring our base offering to different verticals - financial practices, legal practices and particularly SMSF administration practices - we realised that the provision of a Document Management System alone was not enough - nearly every customer also needed a Customer Relationship System (CRM) - so we expanded our offering to a combined and integrated DMS and CRM. This, together with our detailed integrations with the online accounting systems of Class and Xero which were built along the way, provided a strong solution for almost any business, managing the 3 fundamental necessities of customers, documents and accounts.

        Our journey also reinforced the ongoing need for local support for customers - initially some customisation to make the the system an exact fit for their business, but then an ongoing relationship covering small enhancements, training, problem-resolution, advice and integration particularly with respect to third-party systems. We very quickly became their "IT-guy in the cloud" . So our services team was strengthened to accommodate the demand.

        The Present

        With 8 years "in the cloud" under our belt, we have a comprehensive and flexible framework which allows not only documents and customers to be managed but also completely bespoke web applications and integrations with a host of other line-of-business systems. Our team and customer base have grown substantially and we have become adept at both minor and comprehensive customisations and integrations, with these having become mission-critical systems for many customers. We take pride in knowing our customers personally and understanding their needs in detail. We will continue to expand our Australian presence, helping local businesses on their journey into the cloud.

        The Future

        Along the way we have built good processes for building and customising software in virtual containers while remaining upgradeable, and have a great deal of experience in how the cloud and small businesses work. We can also use almost any hosting provider so are able to get competitive hosting prices. We have strong international connections both in the development and business areas. Everything we do can be replicated in local data centers and modified for local conditions (networks, regulations, hosting providers). We are in discussion with Canadian and South African partners at the moment, with a view to open a local Webrecs presence in these countries with a strong focus on our mission - to provide open, secure, local, fully-supported cloud software solutions for businesses.


        Webrecs Xero Plugin

        Xero is easy to use online accounting software that's designed specifically for small businesses. http://xero.com

        The Webrecs - Xero integration allows you to :

        • Key invoices easily and quickly from online documents
        • Automatically use Xero contacts, chart of accounts and tracking codes
        • Upload seamlessly to Xero awaiting approval
        • Access the invoice document directly from Xero
        • Save Xero reports to Webrecs

        Easy integration with Xero

        Webrecs actiTIME Integration

        actiTIME is a web-based timesheet system for companies of any size and any business type


        The Webrecs - actiTIME integration gives you :

        • Seamless login from your Webrecs dashboard
        • Backups of your timesheet data as well as your documents
        • Secure Web access to actiTIME for all users
        • An actiTIME dashlet on your Webrecs dashboard

        Manage time together with documents

        Webrecs Class Plugin

        Class is a cloud-based SMSF accounting system. http://classsuper.com.au

        The Webrecs - Class integration provides :

        • Transparent login from Webrecs to Class
        • Display of Class Dashboard and/or Fundweb in Webrecs dashlets
        • Optional access for trustees and/or advisers
        • Data keying from online documents directly into Class (rollovers, contributions, dividends, investments etc)
        • Storage of and controlled access to all SMSF documents
        • Background synchronisation of all SMSF entity data between Class and Webrecs CRM including fund, trustee, member, auditor, accountant and adviser.

        Single sign-on SMSF dashlets

        Webrecs Confluence Integration

        Confluence is popular Wiki software by Atlassian.


        The Webrecs - Wordpress integration gives you :

        • Seamless login from your Webrecs dashboard
        • Backups of your Wiki data as well as your documents
        • Secure Web access to Confluence for all users
        • A Confluence dashlet on your Webrecs dashboard

        Host your Wiki as well as documents

        Webrecs Drupal Integration

        Drupal is a major open source Web Content managment system


        The Webrecs - Drupal integration gives you :

        • Seamless login to Drupal from your Webrecs dashboard
        • Backups of your Web content as well as your documents
        • Your Web site hosted in your subscription **
        • A Drupal dashlet on your Webrecs dashboard

        * Conditions apply

        Manage your website with your documents

        Webrecs Google Docs Plugin

        Google Docs is a Google web platform allowing editing and sharing of files between Google users. The coolest thing about it is that Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents can be viewed and edited in the browser.

        The Webrecs - Wordpress integration gives you :

        • Check out Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents into Google docs
        • Edit these documents and collaborate on them directly in Google docs (no Miscrosoft required)
        • Check them back in when finished

        * Note: There are limitations on the complexity of documents which can be rendered eg. macros in Excel and some advanced formatting options across the board.

        Easy editing of Word, Excel and Powerpoint

        Webrecs Jira Integration

        Jira is the world's leading issue-tracking software by Atlassian


        The Webrecs - Jira integration gives you :

        • Seamless login from your Webrecs dashboard
        • Backups of your issue-tracking data as well as your documents
        • Secure Web access to Jira for all users
        • A Jira dashlet on your Webrecs dashboard

        Host your issues together with documents

        Webrecs Wordpress Plugin

        Wordpress is a major open source Web Content managment system


        The Webrecs - Wordpress integration gives you :

        • Seamless login to Wordpress from your Webrecs dashboard
        • Backups of your Web content as well as your documents
        • Your Web site hosted in your subscription **
        • A Wordpress dashlet on your Webrecs dashboard

        * Conditions apply

        Manage your website with your documents

        Webrecs Shared Drive Integration

        Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive are file hosting services which provide background desktop synchronisation




        The Webrecs - Shared Drive integration gives you :

        • Seamless integration between the document storage of Webrecs and the shared drive
        • Push and pull documents between Webrecs and the shared drive with a click of a button
        • Single "source of the truth" - no chance of accidental deletion or corruption
        • Efficient versioning - Webrecs files will only be updated if changes have been made
        • Controlled sharing of individual entities / clients / folders - unshare when the project / task / engagement is complete
        • The strong background sync capabilites of the shared-drive systems with the feature-rich, secure and compliant Webrecs system

        Sync your documents with desktop storage seamlessly

        Webrecs Zapier Integration

        Zapier is a powerful integration platform which lets you transfer data to and from different Cloud applications based on event triggers eg. new document created, new customer added etc.


        The Webrecs - Zapier integration gives you :

        • Webrecs triggers on documents, entities and CRM actions
        • Webrecs actions to be performed based on arbitrary triggers from other Cloud software
        • Ability to customise without coding

        Integrate with other Cloud software