Protect your business documents and contacts through a single "Relocatable User Backup" (RUB) file.


Losing your business documents or contacts would have devastating consequences for your business.


Webrecs offers the unique ability to insure your entire document system against:

  • Accidental or malicious destruction (how about mistaken deletion or malicious hackers?)
  • Service provider lock-in (how easy is it to move your documents to other systems?)
  • Service provider insolvency (what happens to your documents if your service provider goes out of business?)

Your RUB is a complete local copy of your entire system in the cloud with all your documents, contacts, customers, customisations and software, allowing you to restore everything at any time with just one file.


It contains not only your content but also the version history, audit trail, document properties, annotations, comments or links required to make your local copy compliant and your intellectual assets safe. This is fundamentally different from just copying files to your local drive.




We provide full compliance with electronic document regulations for all major Australian government and regulatory authorities.


You can delete your original paper documents for every document type (except for wills and some trust documents), and be able to produce the electronic document as equivalent evidence in a court of law.

  • High security: password-protected login and SSL encryption
  • Access control: control exactly who can read, write or add documents
  • Audit trails: who accessed what and when
  • Version control: maintain previous copies of documents
  • Local hosting: hosted in Australia
  • Email trail: You can email documents directly to your subscription

You can safely use Webrecs to manage tax documents, SMSF documents, project documents, legal documents, contracts, financial documents, invoices, receipts and bank statements - in fact any document which your business is likely to use either internally or externally.


The rich feature set of our CRM and Document Management software enables you to manage your customers and documents with less overhead.

  • Seamless integration. Access the related documents for your customer entities (account, leads, funds, projects or clients) directly from the CRM - with easy filters for relevance. Single sign-on means fewer login prompts.
  • Dashboard overviews. Focus on what is needed right now with our advanced filtered views provided by our customisable dashboards.
  • Searching. Find the right document quicker with our built-in free-text indexing (like Google Search) of every document (including email and scanned documents) which allows searching of documents' content as well as metadata (tags).
  • Cloud Sharing. Share documents and customer records directly with interested parties online with full security. All parties are immediately on the same page.
  • Mailroom. Let the system file, sort and process incoming mail documents for you with our unique filing and mail-handling technology. Each entity can also have its own "cc" mail address for easy forwarding.
  • Easy file import. Drag documents from desktop to system. Import from Dropbox/Onedrive/Google drive. SCP, FTP or email in. Bulk-import directly on the backend file-system. Integrate easily with all document scanners.
  • Easy file export. Export multiple documents as ZIP files directly to desktop. Background bulk-export entire folder trees and entities. Export into Dropbox/OneDrive/Google Drive.
  • Viewing. View all common document formats (Word, Excel, PDF,OpenOffice) directly in the browser - no local software needed. Direct editing of Word documents in the browser with Google Docs or web versions of MS Office.


Create unlimited self-contained Project Sites completely separate from the main platform you use for your business documents and customers.


Collaborate with multiple stakeholders in projects requiring management of assets in a self-contained, isolated environment without needing any 3rd party products, and archive them when completed.


Project Sites will have almost all the functionalities of your main Webrecs system such as dashlets and security access, including:

  • Invitations. Select the features you want and invite your collaborators.
  • Notifications. Choose to get notified about site activities.
  • Rebranding. Rebrand sites using custom themes and logos.
  • Calendar. Integrate calendar with other calendars like Google's.
  • Lists. Issue, to-do, event, contact and location lists for easy reference.
  • Links. A catalogue of all useful web and/or internal document links.
  • Wiki and Blog. Own Wiki and Blog for internal use by collaborators.
  • Discussions. Self-contained discussions can be started, managed and tracked.


Use 3rd party integrations directly on our platform with our 3rd party integrated dashlets and links.


Add these dashlets which display important information about your 3rd party software directly on our dashboard without needing to log out of Webrecs. We support practically every standard available, including CIFS, REST, SMTP, CIFS, NFS, SFTP.

Webrecs Xero Plugin

Xero is easy to use online accounting software that's designed specifically for small businesses.

The Webrecs - Xero integration allows you to :

  • Key invoices easily and quickly from online documents
  • Automatically use Xero contacts, chart of accounts and tracking codes
  • Upload seamlessly to Xero awaiting approval
  • Access the invoice document directly from Xero
  • Save Xero reports to Webrecs

Easy integration with Xero

Webrecs actiTIME Integration

actiTIME is a web-based timesheet system for companies of any size and any business type

The Webrecs - actiTIME integration gives you :

  • Seamless login from your Webrecs dashboard
  • Backups of your timesheet data as well as your documents
  • Secure Web access to actiTIME for all users
  • An actiTIME dashlet on your Webrecs dashboard

Manage time together with documents

Webrecs Class Plugin

Class is a cloud-based SMSF accounting system.

The Webrecs - Class integration provides :

  • Transparent login from Webrecs to Class
  • Display of Class Dashboard and/or Fundweb in Webrecs dashlets
  • Optional access for trustees and/or advisers
  • Data keying from online documents directly into Class (rollovers, contributions, dividends, investments etc)
  • Storage of and controlled access to all SMSF documents
  • Background synchronisation of all SMSF entity data between Class and Webrecs CRM including fund, trustee, member, auditor, accountant and adviser.

Single sign-on SMSF dashlets

Webrecs Confluence Integration

Confluence is popular Wiki software by Atlassian.

The Webrecs - Wordpress integration gives you :

  • Seamless login from your Webrecs dashboard
  • Backups of your Wiki data as well as your documents
  • Secure Web access to Confluence for all users
  • A Confluence dashlet on your Webrecs dashboard

Host your Wiki as well as documents

Webrecs Drupal Integration

Drupal is a major open source Web Content managment system

The Webrecs - Drupal integration gives you :

  • Seamless login to Drupal from your Webrecs dashboard
  • Backups of your Web content as well as your documents
  • Your Web site hosted in your subscription **
  • A Drupal dashlet on your Webrecs dashboard

* Conditions apply

Manage your website with your documents

Webrecs Google Docs Plugin

Google Docs is a Google web platform allowing editing and sharing of files between Google users. The coolest thing about it is that Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents can be viewed and edited in the browser.

The Webrecs - Wordpress integration gives you :

  • Check out Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents into Google docs
  • Edit these documents and collaborate on them directly in Google docs (no Miscrosoft required)
  • Check them back in when finished

* Note: There are limitations on the complexity of documents which can be rendered eg. macros in Excel and some advanced formatting options across the board.

Easy editing of Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Webrecs Jira Integration

Jira is the world's leading issue-tracking software by Atlassian

The Webrecs - Jira integration gives you :

  • Seamless login from your Webrecs dashboard
  • Backups of your issue-tracking data as well as your documents
  • Secure Web access to Jira for all users
  • A Jira dashlet on your Webrecs dashboard

Host your issues together with documents

Webrecs Wordpress Plugin

Wordpress is a major open source Web Content managment system

The Webrecs - Wordpress integration gives you :

  • Seamless login to Wordpress from your Webrecs dashboard
  • Backups of your Web content as well as your documents
  • Your Web site hosted in your subscription **
  • A Wordpress dashlet on your Webrecs dashboard

* Conditions apply

Manage your website with your documents

Webrecs Shared Drive Integration

Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive are file hosting services which provide background desktop synchronisation

The Webrecs - Shared Drive integration gives you :

  • Seamless integration between the document storage of Webrecs and the shared drive
  • Push and pull documents between Webrecs and the shared drive with a click of a button
  • Single "source of the truth" - no chance of accidental deletion or corruption
  • Efficient versioning - Webrecs files will only be updated if changes have been made
  • Controlled sharing of individual entities / clients / folders - unshare when the project / task / engagement is complete
  • The strong background sync capabilites of the shared-drive systems with the feature-rich, secure and compliant Webrecs system

Sync your documents with desktop storage seamlessly

Webrecs Zapier Integration

Zapier is a powerful integration platform which lets you transfer data to and from different Cloud applications based on event triggers eg. new document created, new customer added etc.

The Webrecs - Zapier integration gives you :

  • Webrecs triggers on documents, entities and CRM actions
  • Webrecs actions to be performed based on arbitrary triggers from other Cloud software
  • Ability to customise without coding

Integrate with other Cloud software