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Welcome to the Webrecs Wiki

The Webrecs Wiki is powered by MediaWiki (the same software which powers Wikipedia). It contains a wealth of useful information about setting up and using Webrecs and the Webrecs Alfresco ECM system. We hope you will find the information you are looking for here by either browsing through the categories in the left-hand sidebar or simply searching for keywords in the search pane in the left-hand sidebar. We have some core documents which are non-alterable, however in the spirit of a Wiki we allow YOU to edit most documents to improve them for the benefit of the Webrecs community. If you are of a mind to edit a document we do ask that you abide by the following rules :

  1. Obviously nothing offensive, derogatory or defamatory to anyone including Webrecs
  2. Be prepared to have anything you add ruthlessly edited
  3. Do not submit anything copyrighted

Here are some useful links :

MediaWiki User's Guide

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